Outdoor Learning

The children at Pine Wood Nursery regularly experience learning in the outdoor environment . We have access to local woodland where children are encouraged to learn and explore the natural environment by investigating,asking questions, looking at seasonal changes, den building etc.


The children love and learn well in the outdoors and this addition totally supports the children's leaning within the EYFS.


At present the nursery children access this area in groups with the nursery team. We currently have 2 members of staff doing their Forest School training which will allow further progression in this area. The nursery is supported by the larger Forest School team in Tilford and also at Woodlands.


We are really pleased with the response to the  current 2 "forest school" style sessions in place during the training, the feedback has been so positive and the children are being exposed to all sorts of opportunities and adventures, providing so many learning opportunites.


This is an area of learning and development which as a nursery group we are very passionate about and we look forward to expanding this further.

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