We are officially a good provider,OUTSTANDING in Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare 

We are now full until September 2022 - we are now accepting registrations for this date onwards.


The last couple of years has not been normal to say the least. We closed in March 2020 due to the Covid19 lockdown and we reopened in June. We operated in "bubble" groups and all families, which were most, were able to access nursery for the half term.The feedback has been so positive and was such the right thing to do. The coming year we  continued to be affected by Covid, but having very good systems in place to cope with the Government guidance and changes that need to be made we have been able to provide a "normal" nursery where the children have flourished and not noticed all the tweaks we have had to make!


One of our biggest developments over the past couple of years is that we have 2 staff who have completed their Forest School training, this has provided some amazing opportunities for the children to explore and have fun learning in our local woodland. We now offer Forest School to all children in their last year of nursery and outdoor learning to all other children. Take a look at the Pine Wood Nursery school Facebook and Instagram page where you can see lot's of photo's and keep updated with nursery news by following. We always welcome feedback on the page also!


The nursery group has recently joined Operation Encompass to help support and safegaurd the children in our care. THis is a link between our nurseries, Surrey Police and Surrey County Council. There is a link on the infomation page.


The nursery is led by Paula Goddard who has many years nursery experience which provides a fantastic underpinning for the care and education that the nursery offers. All Key Worker staff hold an Early Years qualfication and are experienced with planning your child's next steps to extend and support their progression and development.


We have had an Ofsted inspection in October 2017 and we are Good and Outstanding in Personal development,behaviour and welfare. The inspector was really impressed with her visit and very complimentary about the children and nursery team, well done !!


We will be exploring all the children's interests and planning our activities around this. We will also be looking at our garden planting more plants and vegetables. We will be having a make over of the garden in the summer holidays so it is all ready for our new starters in September!  


We have extended the learning oppottunities for the children in our maths and writing provision with new equipment and materials as well as staff training to support the children in all aspects of the EYFS along with extending our outdoor learning. The nursery supports all the children's interest's through In the Moment Planning.


We have an open house policy and welcome parent support and comments. If you would like to help in the nursery at any time with cooking, gardening, story telling or craft then please see Paula and she will arrange a time for you !


We regularly hold parent consultations when your child's key worker will discuss their progress with you. Please remember you can speak to your child's key worker on a daily basis .

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