"We continue to be delighted with the care and encouragement that Jessica receives at Woodlands Nursery. She has grown in confidence term by term and clearly flourishes in the setting. We're so happy to see her social skills and friendships have deepened and we know she'll really miss her much loved friends and staff members when she starts school in September. Thank you so much to Mrs Jones and her wonderful team for nurturing our daughter."


"I moved my son to Woodlands from another nursery when he was 2.5 years old. It was the best thing I ever did. The staff are wonderful, supportive and attentive, plus the facilities and extra curricular activities on offer (forest school, Playball, etc) are a fantastic addition. My son's key workers and nursery manager, Carole Jones have been a key part of his learning journey both academically and socially, and have made his time at Woodlands an enjoyable one. It's a pleasure to see the kids run excitedly into the nursery building when the doors open each morning, and to hear about the fun activites of the day (gardening, bug hunting, model building, etc) at pick up. 

Some of the best things about Woodlands are the top-notch communication to parents on all things nursery, plus on an individual level, as well as the end of term activities arranged for the benefit of children and parents. Each year, the staff have gone out of their way to arrange a Christmas lunch party for the children, an Easter concert for parents/carers to watch (with chocolate eggs for kids to take home), and a summer picnic on the green. 
From a social perspective the nursery has been great too - the nearby coffee shop has been a place of many a coffee morning, and the Bourne park a place for the kids to gather before and after pickup. 
It's been a heart-warming experience to have had a child at this special nursery, and we will miss it immensely when my son moves up to school."

"All 3 of my daughters have attended Woodland Nursery school. The Nursery provides a warm, caring and nurturing environment where the girls were/are happy, made friends and started their education journeys. All the staff are lovely and approachable. They have lots of experience , many having been with the nursery for years. The nursery has access to an outside garden area that is well used. The children go on trips to The Bourne Woods and enjoy visits such as the Fire Engines. It is a lovely nursery and I have been very happy with the care and support that the girls have received." Jenny Rogers 


"My second child to have attended Woodlands is due to finish there before starting school. I have absolutely no concerns about how my son will cope with leaving -I on the other hand feel incredible emotionabout his time there coming to an end ! It is a such a warm and welcoming place and the staff are second to none. I couldn't have felt more  confident handing my child over to the kind and caring teachers that greet us every day. Whilst the children's care is paramount, their development is obvioulsy a primary focus. Woodlands provides a wonderfully stimulating environment with a variety of fun, interesting and challenging activities on offer very day. I think the greatest advert for Woodlands however is just how happy all the children seem to be. My son for one waves me goodbye cheerfully as I drop him off , then excitedly runs to greet me at pick up, keen to tell me about his day.... what more can a nursery Mum say !!?? ." Hannah Mellor


"I have found Woodland Nursery a fun, safe and nurturing environment. My son runs in happily every visit and has done since day one. I put this down to the fantastic staff at Woodlands who appear to have a true love for their jobs. They obviously put a huge amount of time, energy and inspiration into planning a wide variety of crafts, learning, cookery and outdoor play. It appears that the staff really know each child and are friendly and approachable." Pru Burns  


"Both my children absolutely adore being at Woodlands, which makes getting dressed in the morning a whole lot easier ! This is where they both met the first real best friends and learned so much, thanks to their dedicated, genuinely lovely and forever smiling teachers ....... it's like home away from home, only better, thank you." Emanuela Alladio





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