Forest Learning

We have run Forest Learning with an overwhelming positive response from both parents and the children who participated. Forest Learning allows your child to learn in all areas of the EYFS in an exciting,non formal, open, free environment where children learn through exploration, investigation, taking supervised risk and learning through their own imagination and creativity.This is a well respected form of education which is very high profile in Scandinavia and is now becoming recognised in the UK for its learning benefits and contribution to a child's independence, confidence and judgement.
All children within the nursery have daily access to the outdoor area and  visits to the woodland where although the youngest may not participate in full "Forest Learning" sessions they do have the opportunity to have adventures with the support of the nursery team.
All children have access to freeflow outdoor play with mud kitchen,built in sandpit, water play, messy play as well as gardening activities and visits to the local park for gross motor skills!  

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